Many of us are painters. Our general philosophy about art is that all it needs to do is make you feel something, anything really. We don’t believe in ranking art. There is not more and less important forms of art. Consequently, we don’t really believe in “supposed to’s,”when it comes to art. 

Art is not supposed to be anything in particular. It doesn’t need to be pretty, or serious, or refined. 

Elowen’s oil paintings are no more or less important than Weasel’s really odd and creepy comics, or than the Blobbies, which is a comic we all do about Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka multiple personality disorder). 

The most important thing about art is that it gives us a voice, and always has. It connects people. It heals people. We all need art in our lives. The more art we can see from more diverse perspectives, the more empathetic to others, who are unlike us, we will be. The world could use a lot more of that. 

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We have been receiving a lot of traffic, as of late, regarding the suicide scale, which we made in response to the loss of a friend. The feedback we have received from that has been truly amazing. It has started conversations, gotten people to seek help. It is simply beyond words. To know that this sort of cutely drawn comic we made has had such a profound impact on people, that really reinforces that no form of art is more important or impactful compared to any other form of art. It is all just a way of connecting. And sometimes, doing that can even save a life. 

We really hope that you get out there and make some art, no matter how silly it seems.  Keep reaching out and connecting to other people in whatever format you  prefer, because we are all in this together.  No matter what, nothing can really change that. 

We try to keep all mental health related material free and open to the public, and vulnerable people who desperately need resources. If you appreciate what we do and would like to support us, you can make a donation using paypal, just click the donate button.  

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We are probably most well known in the DID/plural/multiple community for our comic the Blobbies. 

The Blobbies is a comic about a plural system, discovering that they are many people and learning to cope with that fact and work together. 

It is ultimately a comic about dissociative identity disorder from the perspective of the system itself, not as that singular person the outside world sees, nor as the singular person that the system has been believing themselves to be, but as they actually are: a messy group of people sharing a body and trying to make it work.

We also do other random comics from time to time, though, apart from The Blobbies, none of them are being actively worked on. 

Cheers!  – Conrad

2019 Plural Positive World Conference

Elowen  gave a talk at the 2019 Plural Positive World Conference. You can see that talk  by clicking the YouTube buttons below. 

Plural Reflections: Our talk for the Plural Conference. Click the youtube icon to see our video.

2019 Plural Conference : Click the youtube icon to see the conference playlist

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