The Blobbies Text

The Blobbies #1: I'm Me!

The title card frame stretches across the top of the comic: “The Blobbies #1: I’m Me! By Emmengard.” Next to the words is a drawing of a tape recorder with various tapes strewn about, and a pair of tangled headphone wires that end  i-pod style earbuds.

 in the first frame there are a number of grey spheres, or blobs, crowded around. They all have eyes and are looking at one another. The first one says “Oh! Who are you?” The second one says, “ummm… I’m me.” 

In the second frame, all the grey blobs surrounding those two begin to shout “Me too! I’m me, too!”

In the third frame,  the first blob asks “So we are all ‘me’ then?” to which the second grey blob and, in the fourth frame, the surrounding crowd of grey blobs all reply enthusiastically “YES!” One blob in the back says, “Obvi.”

To this the first grey blob becomes upset, shouting “THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. I’M ME!” in teh fifth frame.

In the final frame of the comic the first grey blob is gone. With  the absence of the first grey blob, the second grey blob says to the others, “Wow.. that me is having a rough time!”


Original comic by an anonymous Emmengardian

Text description by Weasel Emmengard