The Blobbies

The Blobbies: A comic about the DID experience

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The Blobbies # 1 : I'm me, too!

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The Blobbies # 2 : MY life!

The Blobbies # 3 : Monster

The Blobbies # 4 : Enough!

The Blobbies # 5: Whaaat?

The Blobbies # 6: OK!

The Blobbies # 7: The Therapist

The Blobbies # 8: It's my life too

The Blobbies # 9: The REAL one

The Blobbies # 10: Now about that drink

The Blobbies # 11: The Text

The Blobbies # 12

The title frame is very colorful, wit all the colors of teh blobies being represented. Frame one shows Red meeting Mark for lunch.. Frame two they are both blushing. Frame three they are walking somewhere after lunch and Pink sees a stuffed rabbit in a window they are passing. Frame four Pink is carrying the stuffed animal suggesting Mark bought it for her. frame five is a different day, as you can see that the Blob system's clothes have changed and Blue fromt eh Blob system is sitting on a striped couch with makr watching a show, laughing and drinking wine. Frame six shows Yellow and Pink of the Blob system looking ad to find the stuffed rabbit Mark had bought them in the trash. Mark looks confused. THe identity of the specific blobs are indicated by the yellow stripes on the dress they are wearing adn the pink hair ties and bracelet. Frame seven show they have switched to Green, indicated by the stripes, hair tie and bracelet no longer being colored . Instead the green necklace and their green eyes are colored, indicating that it is Green who is trying to explain their situation to Mark. In the speach bubbles about Green's head are frames from earlier episodes, showing hte Gray blob locking them up and Red getting angry. Frame eight shows a close up of Mark holding their hand. Frame nine shows Mark brushing tears off of their face, and in their eyes is a dappling of all the colors of the Blob system. Frame ten shows the pair embracing and while they are drawn in black an white around them the back yard is colorful. Below them are words that say "You are worth loving." Theses are the only words in this episode.

The Blobbies # 13: Okay team!

The Blobblies #14 : Language

frame one pink and blue are sitting on the couch. Yellow is sitting in front of the couch. Instead of being their usual circular blob selves, they lok like people with, hair and shirst the same color as their names. Red is behind the couch saying "Hey, what's up?" Pink says "Ice-cream," as she is eating ice-cream. Yellow says "T.V." Red says to Blue "Blue, you are looking... blue." Yellow says "Blue is sad because teh therapist is a butt." Blue , who is drinking wine just groans. Frame two is a close up of Blue's face, looking very depressed as Red scolds Yello for language adn Yellow insists that he can say the word butt. Frame three, red puts an arm around Blue and asks what happened. Blue says "Idl! IT's like she doesn't see me as a real person.. . she only wants to talk to Grey, because Grey's the 'real onec'" In frame four red is seated next to blue onthe couch wiht her arms around him, and blue is hunched over with his head in his hand. Blue says "What does that even mean?! " and then in a second speach bubble he says "I just feel like shit." Then Yellow says "Language!" at Blue.

The Blobblies #15: Who we are to each other.

Frame one, Pink, Blue, Red and Yellow are on the couch as they were in the end of the last episode, but they are drawn as blobs, circles of color with faces and arms. Pink is eating Ice-cream, Yellow is watching TV. Blue is sulking and drinking wine, Red is comforting Blue. from the left of the frame is the sound of someone crying. frame two Blue and red investigate teh crying and find a blob n a dark cave. Because of the shadows they mistake her for Grey. The unknown blob says, "I am not Grey! Grey is a meanie!" Red asks "WHo are you?" the unknown blob replies "I DON"T KNOW!" In frame three, Red reassures her, "It is okay sweetie." Blue adds, "You do not need ot have it all figured out right now." Red asks "Why were you crying." in this frame Red has put her arms around the new blob, who is clearly smaller than Blue and Red. Both REd and Blue are smiling sympathetically. THe new blob is crying. In frame 4, the new blob asks "You know that old snate dream?" Blue looks surprised and answers, "Yes!" Red looks confused and says "ummm..." THe new blob is crying harder mentioning the bad dream. In frame 5, Blue asks "Do you want to talk about it?" to which the new blob says "No thank you." Blue says "Okay, well let's get out of here, go do something nice, yea?" The new blob says "Yea.. okay." In frame six Blue is leading the new blob out of the cave and smiling. THe new blob is smiling too, even though she still has tears on her cheeks. We can see that the new blob is very light colored, maybe even white as she comes out of the shadows of the cave. Red is followin gand smiling maternally at them. In frame seven, the three have arrived back at the couch where Pink throws up her arms, knocking her ice-cream to the floor, and shouts "OMG! NEW KID! HELLO!" THe new blob looks nervous but is smiling. In the full light we can see she is a very very pale shade of blue. In Frame eight Yellow looks teary eyed as he says, "She isn't new,. I know her." REd and Blue, the two adults, look surprised. Pink just pts the spoon full of ice-cream in her mouth and looks down at the carton on the floor. In frame nine, Yellow and the new blob embrace, and hte new blob looks just a little bit more clearly light blue instead of white. Green comes in from the side of teh frame scowling at Pink and the carton on the floor leaking the melted ice-cream. ink smiles, blushes and shrugs at Green. REd and Blue are smiling at each other as they watch the young blobs hug. Red says "Who we are to each other, that is real.. Let's just get a new therapist." Blue says, "YEa, okay."

The Blobblies #16: Are we alone???

The Blobblies #17: Wow

Frame by frame description for the Visually Impaired. Frame 1: Mark and Red on the couch. Red is laying on Mark. M: Sweetie, you fell asleep… like always. R: Teal was right, the boringest. M: Hush your mouth, West Wing is awesome. R: Hah! M:C’mon babe, let’s go to bed. R: okay.h? oh yea. Frame 2 Marka dn Red are brushing teeth. M: How’s the therapist hunt going? R: Good! I think Blue finally found someone! M: Nice! Frame three, Mark and Red are throwing stuffed animals off of Mark’s bed. R: Hah! Pink’s animal sanctuary. M: Yeah I need to get a toy box. Frame 4, Mark and Red are in bed and the stuffed animals are all on the floor. M: Speaking of the stuffie killer, how is Grey? R: weird, she is like a zombie that can’t hear us. She shows up at work, but only sometimes. M: She’ll come around. R: I hope so. Frame five Mark and Red are nestled into bed, and Mark with his eyes closed and a slight smiles says “G’night. Love you.” Red says “wow.”Frame 6 Mark and Red are staring at each other wide eyed. M: Sorry it just came out. R: no it’s okay. Did you mean me specifically. Frame seven Red continues, “or us generally?” Mark replies “Both.” Red says “Wow. I think we all love you too. Except maybe Grey.” Mark says “She’ll come around.” Frame eight, Mark and Red are holding each other and smiling.

The Blobblies #18: End tape one.

In this episode we catch up with the end of tape one side one, where Grey kills Red. The comic shows Grey waking up next to Mark, adn leaving his house in distress, not knowing who he is. Grey then confronts REd and kills Red with a grey sword she manifested in the mindscape. Green shows up screaminng as Red dies. The last frame is black adn contains the only words in teh episode "End tape one side two. Please insert tape two side one."

The Blobblies #19: NOT WHO WE ARE

In this episode, Green confronts Grey right after Grey has killed Red, in the background Pink is shouting “Mom!”” in reference to the disappeared Reds. Green is furious with Grey and manifests a green ax which she goes at Grey with. Blue intervenes, shouting "This is not who we are" and manifesting a blue shield aura that blocks the ax. Grey is standing there passively and says "none of you are even reall, I am hallucinating." Blue says "Yea, I cannot deal with you right now,"and contains Grey in a blue orb. They all hear a buzzing and check their phone to see that they have 6 new messages and 2 missed calls from mark. Green, Blue, Pink, Teal and Yellow are all sobbing.

The Blobblies #20: Maybe not forever.

In this episode Mark comes over when the Blobbies don't answer their phone. He finds Blue crying and Blue tells him that Grey kiled Red, adn they cry together on teh couch, Then, Mark looks up headmate death on a seenit forum, and finds that usually headmates only go dormant,. He tells Blue and the others that it will be okaay and they hug.

The Blobblies #21: Hi!

In episode 21: HI, Blue tells the new therapist about Grey and Red.

The Blobblies #22: Hard to know.

Frame 1: Blue is standing by the door in an entirely blue room. Grey is facing away from him with folded arms. Blue: Just talk to me. Grey: You are just me, and crazy people talk to themselves.. so no. Blue: I’m not you! Grey: Yes you are! Frame 2 Blue: Okay well than you are as much me then as I am you. Grey: That doesn’t make any sense! Gagh! Now you are making me act all crazy! Blue: Grey, c’mon. Grey: Not my name! Frame 3. Blue: Lillian, then? Lillian: That’s what people call me. Blue: Well that’s what people call all of us. Do you even like it? Lillian: No. Blue: What? You’re staring.. well glaring. Frame 4. Lilian: You are that me that always drinks wine and goes dancing: gay man me. Blue: Guilty. Do you like men? Wine? Lillian: Idk. No. Blue: Do you like dancing? Lillian: No. It’s stupid. What even is the point? Frame 5. Blue: But you do like cleaning, right? Lillian: Yes, I like order, everything in its place. Blue: Well, I don’t care. Mess doesn’t bother me. I love dancing. I like men. I wish I was in a man’s body. I can’t help how I feel. Feelings are not biddable things. I cannot summon them up. This is who I am. How I feel about the world and myself is me. You are not me. I can’t force myself to care about organizing the closet or get excited about labeling. I think, therefore I am, but it is more than that. Frame 6. Blue: I feel, therefore I am! I don’t feel the way you feel. I am different. But that’s okay. I’m just real, too. Lillian: I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Frame 7. Blue looks downcast and Lillian is folding her arms defiantly and facing the wall. Blue: Okay… You know Lillian, I care about you. Ina way we are close than family. We are in this together. NO matter what, we can’t change that. I want you to be okay. I want us all to be okay… okay… bye. Frame 8: Blue is standing outside of the blue rom and is at the control panel with green. Green: How did it go? Blue: Idk.. but I tried to do what the new T suggested. Hoping that it helped… it’s hard to know.

The Blobblies #23: Grief is Boundless

The Blobblies #24: Hey Kiddo

The Blobblies #25: Waking Up

The Blobblies #26: Self Care is important

In this episode Blue is relating recent events to the therapist, while in teh background of the scenes we see flashbacks to what Blue has been dealing with lately: Lime coming back with them and embracing Green, Blue trying to work as Lime is crying and Green is trying to comfort her. Blue: Things are mostly okay.... I think... But, also, overwhelming, like there is too much time being squeezed into each day. Everything is so intense, all these emotions we had only been half feeling before. it is like being beaten with a rainbow. It is beautiful but it still hurts. Therapist: You should try to take some time for yourself, slow down. Blue: When?! The world is not going to stop for us. Therapist: Yes, but you all have been this way a long time. You don't have to understand it overnight. Give yourself a break. What is it that you need, just for you? You matter and not just in so far as you help the others. You matter, Blue. Maybe try doing something nice for yourself. A walk? A nice meal? Blue: Okay I'll try. Thank you. The final frame shows Blue taking a bath and thinking to himself "She is a smart lady."

The Blobblies #27: What's going on here?

The Blobblies #28: Tape 2, Side 2; Yellow

The Blobblies #29: Knit Together

The Blobblies #30: Bravery

The Blobblies #31: Nightmare [CW: nightmares, funerals, implied abuse, bullying]